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SPE Starlette-Plus E G1" 141cfm 240v Dryer C/W PRE AND AFTER FILTERS

Power 0.71 kw
Height 600mm
Width 555mm
Depth 425mm
Refrigerant R407c
Weight 47 kg
240 m3/h 141 cfm
Max Pressure 16 bar g

Pressure dewpoint +3 deg C calculated to volume flow at a suction condition of 20 deg C and 1 bar (abs)
Compressed air inlet temperature +35 degree C and 7 bar gauge working pressure

The application of high-quality air ensures continuity and reliability of industrial applications, the highest quality standards for finished products and the optimisation of production costs. Parker Hiross offers a range of refrigerated air drying solutions using advanced refrigeration technology. Starlette Plus is Parker Hiross’ answer to the specific needs of the industrial user. Starlette Plus safeguards continuous performance and superior efficiency in every industrial compressed air application. It can easily be adapted to suit all working conditions, maintaining reliable dewpoint control and the lowest possible pressure drops and operating costs. With its state-of-the-art PlusPack heat exchangers (patent pending) and the most compact dimensions of any system in its class, Starlette Plus is the superior choice for any compressed air treatment application

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