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You can find various condensate drain systems with different working technologies on the market.

 The simplest ones make a timed discharge: a timer circuit controls the T-ON and T-OFF times of a solenoid valve, considering the working/pause time fixed on the control panel. These systems require a periodic setting of the discharge time according to the season. There is no fixed rule for the optimal discharge setting time during the year because it could be too long in dry and cold period causing high loss of compressed air or too short in warm and wet period.

 There are different timed condensate drainage systems on the market, some are more or less easy to regulate and some others are even self setting, i.e. automatically and cyclically adjusting the discharge time at every opening time. The detection sensor in the solenoid valve, checks the presence of condensate: when the level of condensate is low, the timer circuit stops automatically the discharge and limits the loss of compressed air, without seasonal setting (see model AutoDrain).

 A more performing alternative are the level electronic condensate drainage systems. These systems are called “Zero Air Loss” that means without loss of compressed air. This is possible thanks to a collecting tank, integrated in the electronic condensate drain, monitoring the level of condensate through  a special level sensor. A microprocessor electronic circuit controls the complete condensate drainage; it opens the solenoid valve each time the max water level is reached,  and stops it when the min. level is reached.

 The condensate draining system has many useful functions to control the anomalous situations such as the control of siphon bags, which  stop the  checking of the condensate level, or the automatic unlock from clogging and, in worst cases, the remote alarm by a “potential free” contact connected to control system.

 These systems seem to be more expensive if you compare the purchase price but if you consider that you are not loosing compressed air at all, then you will save money in the medium/long period

How to choose the right electronic condensate drain system?

The choice of the right product, correctly positioned, has not to be considered only looking at the price: it’s not true that the more economical one has fewer skills than the more expensive one, and it’s not sure that the more expensive model can do a better job in every drainage point of the plant than a cheaper one.

The chart below can help you to make a right choice

system choice

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Automatic self-calibrating condensation drain

AutoDrain is an automatic drain able to discharge condensation cyclically.

AutoDrain has a built-in timed electronic circuit, a condensation sensor and an assisted-drive solenoid valve , which opens at preestablished intervals. The opening time varies according to the actual quantity of condensation at the installation point. This allows to limit compressed air waste to a minimum.

AutoDrain does not require setting waiting and discharge times in that the product is totally self-calibrating. The front control panel contains two LEDs displaying power supply and drain state. A button permits to control the drain manually.

AutoDrain is extremely small and can be installed in any position and anywhere in a compressed air installation. To make its installation easier AutoDrain comes complete with a DIN 43650 connector for power supply and with a an Easy Lock three-part fitting for pneumatic connection. 

autodrain feature

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Electronic condensate drains with digital level control

The new series of LogiDrain level drains has been designed to solve the problem of condensation water drainage from production plants and compressed air distribution systems. The specific technology applied permits a controlled drainage of condensation water without any compressed air leaks.

LogiDrain is equipped with an integrated storage tank inside which a level sensor has been mounted and is controlled by an intelligent electronic circuit based on an 8-bit microprocessor logic. All drain functions are displayed on control panel. A test push button is available on control panel for manual drainage.

LogiDrain starts working as soon as a sensor detects water at max. level and controls the solenoid valve opening to take the water level back down to a minimum value, leaving a small residual quantity to prevent the system from discharging compressed air. In case of trouble, the control circuit unlocks the drain pipes by carrying out a series of forced opening/closing cycles of the solenoid valve. If this is not enough , the trouble is reported outside by an alarm with potential-free contact that can be used to draw the attention of maintenance staff in order to instruct the plant control logic.

LogiDrain is produced in several models with different flow rates. All versions are suitable for working with any type of condensation water even the most aggressive one or water containing a high percentage of oil. A built-in cup of filter easy to clean prevents the solenoid valve from clogging

logidrain features

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Loss free condensate drain with electronic level control for OEM

EasyDrain is an innovative automatic drain system designed for OEM applications on board
machine (fridge driers or compressor’s aftercoolers) and inline filters.

EasyDrain integrates all the solutions suitable to guarantee the drain operation without clogging or waste of compressed air by using a highly reliable level sensor, a large drain duct with a servo controlled fluoroelastomeric membrane and an inner stainless steel filter to hold impurities. The filter can be inspected and cleaned.

EasyDrain is extremely easy to install, even in very small spaces thanks to its extremely compact
size and friendly “Easy Lock” connection system.
It is possible to realize various connecting systems to fit product at each specific application: in
this way you can optimize the installation, by minimizing handling costs.

easydrain features

SCB is an Italian Company with a long experience in designing, manufacturing and distributing condensate drain technology.
SCB guarantees quality and reliability with the cooperation of highly qualified and trained personnel and technological installations covering 3.000 m² of production facility.

All products are designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 Quality System rules, essential to carefully manage all activities linked to quality and safety.

SCB is an independent and dynamic company and the flexible structure allows to completely personalize the production. The R&D office develops new products, with the fundamental help of the customers according to their specific requests.

SCB represents technical ability and an attentive look at the market allows the company to guarantee a constant growth. In the last few years SCB obtained an important position in the worldwide market building up real and excellent partnerships with customers.

SCB has a complete range of innovative condensate drains designed to solve the problem of condensation water drainage from production plants and compressed air distribution and for the original equipment on machine application for separators and in line filters.

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