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TI-APM combines particle filtration with excellent water repellency in one filter. Ideally suited for use in industrial applications with rotating machinery such as engines, gas turbines and smooth flow compressors, TI-APM can be utilised in land-based environments as well as marine or offshore applications.

At the core of the TI-APM is a disposable media constructed from progressive-density, continuous glass fibres, which are coated with an adhesive. This provides a combination of both high efficiency and high dust holding capacity.

When freely expanded, the TI-APM media has a depth of 120 mm, which compresses to 50 mm when installed into the galvanised or stainless steel frame; increasing the efficiency further.


  • Continuous glass fibres with progressive density Gives a higher efficiency without compromising pressure drop
  • High arrestance For cleaner applications
  • Combined air filter and water coalescer Ideally suited for coastal applications
  • Available in double depth filter frames For demanding applications

ti-apm installed

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