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SoniQ II

Packed with features, SoniQ II bag air filters are ultrasonically-sealed (hence the name) to nullify the drawbacks associated with traditionally sewn pockets. Removing stitch holes is obviously the main benefit, but this method of sealing also provides greater strength, uses less space inside the pocket and also lessens the risk of contamination from within the filter.

When this is coupled with a media that resists microbial growth and the build-up of mould or mildew, SoniQ II is a filter suited to a wide range of applications, from hospitals and computer suites, through to offices and public buildings.

Improved Efficiency

SoniQ II has been specifically developed to offer high levels of filtration efficiency across its service life. A key part of this is meeting the requirements of EN 779:2012 by offering dependable performance whether clean, dirty or discharged. This is achieved thanks to SoniQ II’s enhanced media that provides high mechanical efficiency in addition to its inherent electrostatic charge, so no matter what the operating environment presents, SoniQ II will keep providing assured performance and high efficiency levels.


  • Ultrasonically-sealed - For greater strength and performance in even the most challenging of conditions
  • Meets requirements of latest EN 779:2012 standard - Assured performance throughout service life
  • Resists microbial growth - Prevents the build-up of mould or mildew
  • Long lifetime in operation - Lowers costs
  • Plastic frame - Lightweight and for easy, environmentally-friendly disposal
  • Free of toxic chemicals - Eliminates leaching into airstream
  • Longitudinal separators - Provide even air distribution throughout the filter


Filter Class (EN 779) M5 - F9
Media Format Pockets/Bags
Media Material Antimicrobial, Endless Fibre Polypropylene
Frame Material Plastic
Gasket Material Polyurethane
Incinerable Yes

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