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Atomuffler and Bantam

Atomuffler® and Bantam® Products

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Stop Noise Before it Starts

The deafening roar of air exhaust isn’t just distracting – it also can be dangerous. Control the noise and help keep employees safe with Atomuffler- and Bantam-brand mufflers and filters for noise control and filtering needs, manufactured exclusively by Allied Witan Company and available from Multifactor Europe Limited

How They Work

Atomuffler and Bantam muffler and filter product lines reduce excessive noise by dividing the air stream and turning it back on itself. As air exhaust enters the muffler at high velocity, Atomuffler and Bantam mufflers redirect it into smaller air streams that rebound off opposing walls of the muffler chamber. With air streams colliding head-on with each other, velocity is reduced and the exhaust air is gently dispersed throughout the disseminator surface area. This technique reduces noise without sacrificing machine performance.

How They Help

In thousands of plants and countless applications, Atomuffler-brand mufflers have been used for more than 60 years, and Bantam mufflers for more than 40 years. Both product lines have proven themselves time and again for effectiveness, value and superiority. They have an outstanding ability to control excessive noise for more pleasant working environments while reducing the potential of physical injuries caused by extreme air blasts.

Noise Information – How much noise is too much?

  • Noise levels in the upper 70 decibel (dB) range are annoying to some people.
  • Exposure to levels above 80 dB for 8 hours may cause hearing damage, while exposure to levels above 90 dB for the same amount of time is likely to cause hearing damage.
  • When noise levels are above 100 dB for 8 hours, serious hearing damage is possible.
  • 120 dB is considered the human threshold for pain, and eardrum rupture can occur at 150 dB.

Damage caused by noise goes beyond just hearing loss. Recent studies have shown that sustained exposure to high levels of noise can cause stress, hypertension, and even cardiovascular problems.

For example, tests performed on air exhausts not equipped and equipped with Atomuffler products showed that noise levels can drop from 97-121 dB without a muffler down to 81-84 dB with Atomuffler products. That’s a decrease of up to 37 dB. On average, noise levels were reduced 17-25 dB. However, every application is different and there is no way to predict exact results.

From a different perspective - dB and power:

  • 3 dB reduction cuts sound energy in half
  • 10 dB reduction decreases sound energy by a factor of 10
  • 20 dB reduction decreases sound energy by a factor of 100

Atomuffler® Series

An original name in noise control.

Often imitated but never replicated, Atomuffler-brand mufflers have managed excessive noise and promoted employee safety for more than 60 years. These leading product designs dissipate harmful air blasts and reduce Exponentially Perceived Noise (EPNdB).

Atomuffler products have a unique air-diffuser system that is a proven approach to sound control and are easy to install and use. Leading noise consultants and safety engineers throughout the world recommend use of Atomuffler products.

When you specify the Atomuffler brand, you can be confident you’re getting the ultimate in noise reduction, advanced muffler design, exceptional service and value.

Just like thousands of other plants, your facility can have a more pleasant and productive work environment by reducing extreme air blasts and air noise.

Simply choose the original – choose Atomuffler products.

  • Air Exhaust Muffler
  • Relief Valve Muffler
  • Air Dryer Muffler
  • Vacuum Pump Exhaust Muffler
  • Filter Silencer
  • High Pressure Muffler
  • Steam Exhaust Muffler
  • Thru-Flow Muffler
  • Defogger Muffler
  • Damper Muffler

Bantam® Series

Bantam Series

Bantam® Series mufflers are durable and small, making them ideal for applications where space is limited. Corrosion-resistant construction is suitable for continuous heavy-duty use. Installation is made easy with standard Male NPT, Male BSPT, or Female NPS pipe thread fittings.

  • Bantam Muffler 
  • End Flow Muffler
  • Air Ejector Muffler 

Air Exhaust Muffler

The Original”… provides up to 85% perceived noise reduction and 94% flow factor
  • Expertly reduces Exponentially Perceived Noise (EPNdB) without impeding equipment performance
  • Designed to take explosive air exhaust noise discharged from valve exhaust ports and muffle it with optimized Constant Velocity (CV) flow factor
  • Exhaust air flows softly to atmosphere free of noise, oil fog, and other contaminants – helping to maintain a clean, comfortable and productive work environment
  • Features a unique obstruction-free expansion chamber, with corrosion-resistant aluminum end covers, zinc-plated steel components and a cellulose fiber element
  • Recommended for general purpose air exhaust applications for pressures up to 125 psi (8.6 Bar)
Connection Thread Types Dimensions
Male NPT Female NPS Male BSPT Diameter Length Replacement
Model Type Item Number Model Type Item Number Model Type Item Number Male Female
1/8 M01 0111001 N01 0211001 B01 0121001 1.84 3.12 2.81 0911001
1/4 M02 0111002 N02 0211002 B02 0121002 1.84 4.37 4.00 0911002
3/8 M00 0111000 N00 0211000 B00 0121000 2.59 5.12 4.56 0911000
1/2 M05 0111005 N05 0211005 B05 0121005 3.15 6.00 5.50 0911005
3/4 M07 0111007 N07 0211007 B07 0121007 3.40 7.18 6.68 0911007
1 M10 0111010 N10 0211010 B10 0121010 3.90 8.75 7.92 0911010
1-1/4 M12 0111012 N12 0211012 B12 0121012 3.90 8.75 8.00 0911012
1-1/2 M15 0111015 N15 0211015 B15 0121015 5.25 13.56 12.50 0911015
2 M20 0111020 N20 0211020 B20 0121020 5.25 18.87 17.75 0911020
3 M30 0111030 - - B30 0121030 7.00 22.93 - 0911030
4 M40 0111040 - - B40 0121040 8.00 23.56 - 0911040
6 M60 0111060 - - B60 0121060 11.00 30.93 - 0911060



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