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OIL-X Die-cast Aluminium Compressed Air Filters

A new series of compressed air filters, taking efficiency to a different level, and offering game-changing advantages for users. The Parker domnick hunter OIL-X has been developed in tandem with the Parker Zander CDAS and OFAS dryer ranges, and shares an identical design philosophy: simplicity, compatibility and usability, but above all validated air quality. Built on Parker’s worldwide expertise in filtration, the Parker domnick hunter OIL-X range has been developed to ensure consistent outstanding air quality, guaranteed for 12 months - and third-party validated to meet ISO 8573-1 (the international standard of compressed air quality).

Parker domnick hunter OIL-X

Parker filtration redefined

The Parker domnick hunter OIL-X range of die-cast compressed air filters has been designed from the outset to meet the air quality requirements of all editions of ISO8573-1, when validated in accordance with the stringent requirements of ISO12500-1.

An efficient and cost effective manufacturing process is a major factor in maintaining the profitability and growth of your business. All Parker domnick hunter products are designed to not only minimise the use of compressed air and electrical energy in their operation, but also to significantly reduce the operational costs of the compressor by minimising pressure losses.

OIL-X filters incorporate a number of unique and patented design features to minimise differential pressure and provide a filter and element combination where the differential pressure starts low and stays low to maximise energy savings and provide the lowest lifetime costs without compromising air quality.

• For the removal of bulk liquid, water and oil aerosols, atmospheric dirt and solid particles, rust, oil vapour, pipescale and micro-organisms

• Coalescing filter performance tested to the stringent requirements of ISO12500-1, ISO8573-2 and ISO8573-4

• Dry particulate filter performance tested in accordance with the requirements of ISO8573-4

• Highest air quality

• Lowest operational differential pressure

• Lowest energy consumption

• Lowest CO2 emissions

• Lowest total cost of ownership

Sizing and Selection
To ensure quoted air purity specification is met, more than one filtration grade may be required.

Important Note: For quoted air purity performance, compressed air filters must be sized correctly for minimum operating pressure and maximum inlet flow rate using the correction factors found in the Product Information Sheet.

Maximum Flow Rate

21 to 1314 (@100 psig) CFM

Literature and Reference Materials

Brochure - Compressed Air Treatment Redefined - (English)

User Manual - OIL-X Grades WS/AO/AA/ACS P010 - P055 Compressed Air Filters - (English)

Parker product design redefined


Filtration of compressed air and nitrogen gas

Residual Oil Content

0.003 mg/m³ - 0.003 ppm(w) @ 21°C (70°F) to 0.5 mg/m³ - 0.5 ppm(w) @ 21°C (70°F)

Minimum Operating Pressure

1 barg
15 psig

Maximum Operating Pressure

16 and 20 barg
239 and 290 psig

Element Change Interval

12 months.

Compatible Element

Grades AO/AA


Float Drain (Coalescing Filters), Manual Drain (Dry Particulate Filters)

Minimum Operating Temperature

2 °C
35 °F

Maximum Operating Temperature

80 and 100 °C
176 and 212 °F


0.61 to 44.5 kg
1.34 to 98.1 lb


76 to 420 mm
2.99 to 16.54 inch


66 to 282 mm
2.6 to 11.1 inch


180 to 847 mm
7.09 to 33.5 inch

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