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Vokes Fibatex


With a maximum operating temperature of 100 °C, Fibatex is designed to operate in the most extreme of environments.

Featuring pockets constructed of layered micro-fine glass fibres with an additional covering layer on the clean air side to eliminate shedding, Fibatex is ideally suited for use in a number of applications as both a prefilter and primary filter.

Sealed stitches, a stiff corrosion-free frame and high dust holding capacity mean that Fibatex combines efficient operation with a long service life.


  • Micro-fine glass fibre media
    For assured performance in harsh conditions
  • Additional covering layer
    Eliminates fibre shedding into the downstream airflow
  • High dust holding capacity
    For a long life with fewer change-outs
  • Rigid, corrosion-free frame
    Simplifies filter replacement and prolongs life
  • Sealed stitches
    Ensures 100% air tight seal
  • Low pressure drop
    Reduces energy consumption & operating costs


Filter Class (EN 779) M5 - F9
Energy Rating B
Maximum Operating Temperature 80 °C (Plastic) - 100 °C (Metal)
Relative Humidity 100%
Media Format Pocket/Bag
Media Material Microfine Glass Fibre with an Additional Covering Layer
Frame Material Plastic or Metal
Gasket Material Polyurethane - Foamed or Flat
Incinerable No

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