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With customers in over 70 different countries benefiting from our services and knowledge, we have been in business for over 3 decades and trusted by clients all over the worldwide. MFE is a trusted name for quality aftermarker compressor spares at competetive prices.

MFE is one of the leading Suppliers and distributors of Compressor filters and spares for the UK domestic and international Market.

For international enquiries please email:sales@mfeuk.co.uk 

Filter requirements for compressed air systems are increasing all the time. We offer OEM quality for air/oil separators, air cleaners and oil filters and thus meet these requirements.

 Along with regular oil changes and maintenance, air compressor filtration is an essential part of keeping your compressor system running smoothly and efficiently. By keeping out dirt and debris, air compressor filtration protects your compressor from corrosion, thereby extending its life and reducing necessary repairs.

Air cleaners: keep the compressor clean

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As all filters in a compressed air system work closely together, the quality of each filter is very important. The air cleaner is a critical factor since it influences all the other filter systems installed downstream. Only air filters with the highest quality achieve the required filter fineness and are therefore able to guarantee an economic and reliable operation
of the system. MFE offer air cleaners which are exactly matched to the respective compressor system and offer ideal protection with minimal pressure drop. Therefore they increase the service life of all filters installed downstream.

• long service life thanks to a high dirt holding capacity
• a separation efficiency of almost 100%
• absolute pressure tightness
• low energy costs thanks to low differential pressure values
• filter designed for air cleaner housing and therefore easy to service

Air/oil separators: for low residual oil content

separator element spin on separator duel separator triple separator lb719/2 separator    


Air/oil separators are the first stage in a long chain of filters in the generation of compressed air. When compressed air is generated using oil-lubricated compressors it is inevitable that oil is present in the compressed air. The air/oil separators have the important task of removing this oil. If they work inefficiently due to bad quality, they lower the service life of the expensive fine filters installed downstream In addition the complete compressed air network has to be more frequently serviced because of the oil contamination. This leads to a considerable increase in running costs. Air/oil separators of inferior quality frequently result in high pressure drop in the compressor. The consequence is higher energy costs.

• residual oil content of 1–3 ppm at a differential pressure of 0.2 bar
• elements able to handle a differential pressure of 5 bar
• protection against electrostatic charge
• corrosion-free design

Oil filters: optimally designed

insert oil filter wh980 oil filter oil filter with head w920 oil filter duel oil filter triple oil filter  


Compressor oil is a very expensive machine oil. High quality oil filters are recommended to conserve this oil and also to protect other parts of the compressed air system. Just as with air cleaners and air/oil separators, the oil filters in a compressed air system are also part of a process chain in which the weakest link can seriously lessen the performance of the whole system. If the oil filter does not work properly, the dirt deposits will negatively affect the air/oil separators, fine filters and machine components. The result is a considerable shortening of the filter service life and increased maintenance costs for the compressor. Our oil filters are made with high performance filtration media and elastomers which are specially designed for use with compressors. They can withstand continuous high running temperatures with a safety reserve.

• high dirt holding capacity
• reliable function at cold start thanks to the bypass valve
• high mechanical stability of the whole filter and filter medium

Alernatives: the original is the best replacement

At Multifactor Europe Limited we recognise that inferior products are not the best way to build a reputation of quality and service. Original products have always been copied by pirates and offered at lower prices. But a farsighted operator of a compressed air system will know that copies are products with an inferior quality which do not fit properly and force running costs up. Indeed they endanger the economic running of the compressed air system. In the worst case copies can lead to shutdown of the compressor. Therefore you should be exactly aware of the small but critical differences between copies and the original products. That is why we wont use filters from inferior and cheaper sources, we only use original oem quality filters from oem suppliers such as Mann Hummel and Sotras.

Multifactor Europe air/oil separators, air cleaners and oil filters offer you:

• the right quality of compressed air at all times
• a long service life for all compressor filter systems
• low oil and energy consumption
• optimum protection against wear in your compressed air system

We Offer

  • Compressor Service Kits
  • Compressor Air Filters
  • Compressor Oil Filters
  • Compressor Air Oil Separators
  • Equivalent Filters
  • OEM Quality or better
  • Compressor parts for most of the world's leading manufacturers.

We have cross Reference details for the below

  • Abac
  • Aerzen               
  • Airblock
  • Airmac
  • Airman
  • Almig
  • Alup
  • Atlas Copco
  • Atmos
  • Avelair
  • Axeco
  • Balk Durr
  • Bauer
  • Bea
  • Belair
  • Bellis & Morcam      
  • Betico
  • Bgs
  • Bitzer
  • Blitz Schneider
  • Boehler
  • Boge
  • Bottarini
  • Ceccato
  • Champion
  • Chicago Pneumatic
  • Chinnok
  • Compair
  • Demag
  • Ecoair
  • Fiac
  • Fini
  • Gardner Denver
  • HPC
  • Hydrovane
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • Kaeser
  • Mark
  • Mattei
  • Power Systems
  • Sullair
  • Tamrock
  • Worthington

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Multifactor Europe are a single source supplier of compressor spare parts in the UK and worldwide. We specialise in spare parts for all major compressor manufacturers, offering oem quality after market products.

We offer a full cross reference data base for most OEM models of compressors. Offering Full service kits, air oil separators, air filters and oil filters.

From our warehouse in Wrexham North Wales, our 10,000 stock lines high quality replacement parts for most rotary vane, rotary screw and piston compressor manufacturers. We also supply a full range of Compressor and Vacuum pump lubricants, Inline filter elements, oem and equivalent, Condensate service kits and condensate drains, full service kits and individual parts, many of which are available for next day delivery.

Our 30 plus years of experience have enabled us to build up a comprehensive technical library and full cross reference, our unique Micron cross reference program is available to our customers, it provides up to date information to allow cross reference of compressor parts by compressor manufacturer, compressor model, oem part numbers-please ask for further details.

All parts supplied match or in many cases, exceed the oem quality, working closely with major manufacturers such as Mann Hummel, Sotras and Parker Domnick Hunter enables us to ensure our commiment to quality.

In Partnership with our major suppliers we can offer own branded filters, your brand name on high quality filters to promote and protect your business brand. For details contact our sales team.

Benefits of buying your compressor spares from MFE

  • No minimum orders
  • Stock aligned to your requirments
  • Low cost next day carrier service
  • High quality, low cost filters
  • Choise of ordering, website, phone, fax, email or visit our trade counter
  • We offer customers, trade accounts, card payments, cash payment, a method to suit your requirments 
  • One call, One order

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  • Mann Hummel Filters
  • Screw Compressor Parts
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  • Reciprocating Compressor Parts
  • Lubricants
  • In-Line Filter Elements
  • Vacuum Filters & Parts
  • Condensate Cleaners
  • Drains & Pressure Switches
  • Condensate Service Kits

For international enquiries please email:sales@mfeuk.co.uk 

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We offer Genuine and Alternative compressor parts

Abac Compressor spares Almig Compressor spares Alup Compressor spares Atlas Copco Compressor spares Avelair Compressor spares bellis & morcam compressor spares boge compressor spares  

Bottarini compressor spares ceccato compressor spares compair compressor spares ecoair compressor spares fiac compressor spares fini compressor spares fluidair compressor spares 

gardner denver compressor spares kaeser compressor spares hpc compressor spares hydrovane compressor spares ingersoll rand compressor spares sullair compressor spares mannesmann demag compressor spares

mark compressor spares mattei compressor spares power systems compressor spares puska compressor spares reavell compressor spares renner compressor spares tamrotor compressor spares

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