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Vokes ScandSorb DP

ScandSorb DP

ScandSorb DP is a deep bed gas filter from Vokes Air that offers both high capacity and security. Pollutants are removed as the contaminated air flows through two 70 mm thick gas filter beds containing activated charcoal or a chemisorbent.

ScandSorb DP is designed for use in demanding industrial applications and is available in either stainless or acid resistant stainless steel. To ensure ease of filter media replacement, ScandSorb DP features apertures at the top and bottom of the filter and a large sleeve coupling. It is also equipped with jacks for gas measurement during operation.

Providing the ideal solution for high contaminant concentrations, or for when high security is required, ScandSorb DP can be completely customised to suit your exact requirements.


  • Ensures high safety levels
  • Provides high efficiency filtration
  • Designed for use in demanding industrial applications
  • Simple-to-service

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