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Vokes ScandSorb C

ScandSorb C

The growing importance being placed upon protecting employees‘ and customers‘ health from the dangers of hazardous substances, makes it increasingly necessary to install appropriate filtering measures for the purification of incoming, outgoing and ambient airflows.

ScandSorb C refillable cartridges do just this, and with a great deal of flexibility too thanks to the wide variety of activated carbons, Puratex or other media types. With a refillable design, ScandSorb C combines low cost of ownership with high performance.


  • Elimination of odours and gas substances
    Diminishes the causes of sick building syndrome
  • Both physisorption and chemisorption varieties available
    For gases which are difficult or impossible to eliminate with standard carbons
  • Refillable cartridges
    Lowers cost of ownership and reduces impact upon the environment
  • Available in a variety of activated carbons and mediums
    To suit the wide array of odours and gas substances
  • Also available for the removal of radioactive and hazardous gases
    Suited to even the most demanding of applications


Maximum air flow temperature 70 °C
Maximum Relative Humidity 70 %
Minimum Adsorption Contact Time 0.1 seconds

Note: Due to the wide range of specifications, options and operating conditions, the above details should be regarded only as rough guideline values for non-impregnated standard activated carbons

Scandsorb C detail 1

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