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Vokes Hepatex CR

Hepatex CR

Hepatex CR filters are high-efficiency submicron particulate air filters designed to protect people, equipment and processes from airborne particulate contamination.

Available in either EPA filter, HEPA filter or ULPA filter efficiencies, Hepatex CR are used in situations requiring high or very high levels of air purity. They are primarily designed as intake air filters for low turbulence displacement (laminar) flow clean room ceilings and clean workbenches. 

Typical applications can be found in: microelectronics, semiconductor manufacture, medicine, chemistry, pharmacy, microbiology, film and magnetic tape production, compact disc manufacture, laboratories and the
food industry.


  • Initial efficiency from 85% to 99.999995% for MPPS
    Suited to all types of applications
  • Optimised velocity distribution
    For stable air flow and longer life
  • Guaranteed leak-free
    For assured protection
  • Mechanically stable
    For optimum performance
  • Various frame types and sizes
    To suit all requirements
  • Two face guards and anodized aluminium frame
    For rigidity, strength and safety in operation
  • Integrated one-piece round, gel or knife edge gasket
    To ensure an air-tight seal in all environments
  • ULPACATS quality certificates available
    For guaranteed safety and performance
  • Low pressure drop 
    Reduced energy consumption and operating costs


Filter Class (EN 779 & EN 1822) F9 - U17
Maximum Operating Temperature 70 °C (standard) / 120 °C (upon request)
Flammability Class K2/F2
Weight 1.8 kg - 21 kg
Media Format Mini-Pleat
Media Material Micro-glass fibre paper
Frame Material Anodised Aluminium
Gasket Material EPDM or Silicone
Incinerable No

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