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Vokes Compatex TMPE

Compatex TMPE

Designed to address the need for increased engine availability in high performance gas turbine power stations, Compatex TMPE provides defence against sub-micron particles, eliminating fouling of the compressor blades. Combining industry-leading pressure drop with unrivalled burst resistance, Compatex TMPE provides unbeatable performance for gas turbine final filtration.

Providing enhanced protection against the smallest of particulate, Compatex TMPE reduces machine degradation, extends service intervals and removes the need to conduct costly engine washes. 

Available in classes E10 – E12, Compatex TMPE brings cleanroom levels of filtration to gas turbine air intakes.


  • Comprehensive, fully tested range
    For assured performance 
  • Available in classes E10 – E12 
    For the effective removal of submicron particulate 
  • Large filter surface - up to 30 m² 
    Provides extremely low pressure drop 
  • Fully-sealed and weather resistant 
    Suitable for offshore and coastal application 
  • Low energy version 
    For the highest levels of turbine performance 
  • Fits all commonly used filter frames 
    For ease of installation 
  • Robust hollow profile plastic frame 
    Provides industry-leading burst resistance 
  • Fully incinerable with recyclable materials 
    For simple, environmentally friendly disposal 
  • High-density, micro-glass fibre media 
    Provides high efficiencies at low pressure drops 
  • Foamed one-piece PU-gasket with closed surface 
    Ensures optimum performance with effectively zero particle bypass


Filter Class (EN 1822) E10 - E12
Maximum Operating Temperature 70 °C
Relative Humidity ≤ 100%
Flammability Class K2/F2 (standard) / K1/F1 (upon request)
Media Format Mini-Pleat
Media Material Micro-glass fibre paper
Frame Material Halogen-free, recycled polystyrol
Gasket Material Foamed polyurethane
Incinerable Yes

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