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Condensate Management Drains

Condensate Management

A range of specialist Condensate Management Solutions for your compressed air system, suitable across a range of industries and applications. The new series is available in 12 different models of zero-loss, vacuum, mechanical, and timer drains – all of which are suited to match your system’s operational requirements.

Condensate management is essential when it comes to maintaining an efficient compressed air system operation, and ensures that the quality and maintenance of the system is sustained over time. Without an efficient drainage system in place, compressed air can become contaminated with oil and other lubricants. The presence of these contaminants can cause inefficient compressed air production, resulting in your system no longer meeting the necessary purification standards (ISO 8573). Over time, these contaminants can cause excessive damage to your compressed air system through rusting of the essential components, resulting in operational downtime and even losses in compressed air.

The CondenSmart Drain Series is the latest product range to join our already extensive portfolio, ensuring highly effective condensate drainage options which guarantee the production of consistently pure compressed air that in line with the relevant purification standards.

Mechanical Float Drain CSMFD1 

CondenSmart Mechanical Float Drain offers a simplified and effective solution to eliminating compressed air loss during the condensate treatment process.

The drain eliminates compressed air loss through its internal float valve that automatically opens and closes when condensate is present within the device. Its low operating pressure and gravitational discharge makes it an energy efficient option for a variety of compressed air and condensate management systems.

No configuration or testing is required with the CondenSmart Mechanical Float Drain, making it a quick and simple process to install and allowing the system to operate automatically. Because no power source is required for the device’s operation, the drain is a safe option for systems that cannot support additional power sources or where device exposure could cause malfunction.

  • For extra condensate purification, the device features a small internal filter that prevents large, solid contaminants from disrupting condensate or compressed air flow. The manual exhaust can be manually opened to relieve condensate from the drain or the valve in case of heavy flow.

    Available with an existing ½” female connection and a ½” male connection inlet adapter, the device can be securely installed in both horizontally and vertically oriented systems.

    With an operating pressure of 10 bar (145 psi) and its stainless-steel float handles, the CondenSmart Mechanical Float Drain can effectively handle a heavy flow of oil-contaminated condensate.

    Because no power source is required for the device’s operation, the CondenSmart Mechanical Float Drain is a safe option for systems that cannot support additional power sources or where device exposure could cause malfunction.

    CondenSmart Timer Drain CSTD016

    CondenSmart Timer Drain diverts oil-saturated condensate into an oil-water separator and away from the compressed air stream through a pre-set, timed series of valve openings.

    Featuring user-set Time-on and Time-off buttons, the CondenSmart Timer Drain matches the air flow of any compressed air system. By coordinating your drain flow with the compressor conditions, the drain can reduce compressed air loss and its associated energy costs.

    For extra condensate refinery, a small internal strainer helps trap large contaminants and particles that may otherwise interfere with the solenoid valve and disrupt device operation. The internal ball-valve cuts off condensate flow for easy access to the strainer during maintenance periods. Both features assist with the condensate purification process that later occurs within an oil-water separator.

    Once set, the drain operates automatically and requires minimal daily maintenance, allowing the system to discharge condensate while reducing the loss of compressed air.

    • The CondenSmart Timer Drain optimises user-friendly technology to simplify condensate management and reduce compressed air loss. Once the drain operation settings match the compressed air system’s rate of production, it becomes a fully self-sufficient device.

      The device’s control panel includes T-On and T-Off buttons that users can use to adjust the timing of the valve opening to correspond with condensate flow.

      LED lights on the control panel indicate the operation status of the device and notify users about maintenance needs. The test button allows for users to drain the condensate manually, freeing any blockages within the drain.

      A double inlet thread (1/2″ M and 1/4″ F) and Type A DIN 43650A plug offers quick electrical and system installation to seamlessly integrate the device into an existing condensate purification system.

      CondenSmart Zero-Loss Electronic Drain CSED


      CondenSmart Zero-Loss Electronic Drain is designed to direct contaminated condensate away from the compressed air production system without the loss of any compressed air.

      This technologically advanced design utilises an advanced microprocessor and sensory valves to detect condensate at the maximum level without the need for external adjustments. The CondenSmart Zero-Loss Electronic Drain includes six different models with flow rates from  (106 SCFM (170 Nm3/min) to 5060 SCFM (9600 Nm3/min).

      By maintaining a small amount of condensate within the collection chamber of the device, the drain prevents compressed air from escaping. An automatic and efficient option, installing the drain reduces overall operational costs for a condensate management system by eliminating excess energy usage associated with compressed air leaks. An integrated strainer is present to capture contaminants and stop their entry into the compressed air stream, preventing end-product contamination or damage.

      The CondenSmart Zero-Loss Electronic Drain uses state of the art train technology to simplify end-user maintenance and operation.

      The user-friendly control panel features green and red LED lights to indicate the drain’s operational status and functions.

      In case of condensate overflow, the internal solenoid valve will automatically open and close itself to release the accumulated liquid within. From there, users can utilize the “Test” button to manually check the device’s flow and operation.

      A multi-directional inlet connection makes quick installation into existing horizontal or vertically oriented systems possible without the need for major system changes.

      CondenSmart Vacuum Drain CSVD1

      CondenSmart Vacuum Drain. A specialised solution to condensate management in vacuum systems, the CondenSmart Vacuum Drain prevents contaminants from entering the compressed air stream.

      The device mimics the pressure conditions within the vacuum application, allowing condensate to drain into the receiver. Once the increase in pressure is detected by the receiver, the 5/2 valve opens to relieve the accumulated condensate.

      Maintaining a maximum flow performance of over 60 litres/hr, this CondenSmart Drain can accommodate your system with a variety of flow rates and performance conditions.

      With several easy-to-read external gauges, a user-friendly control panel complete with LED service lights, and an external ball valve for manual condensate testing and discharge, the drain is designed for simple maintenance and system integration.

      A self-sufficient and automatic drain allows for less time and money spent on maintaining device operation.

      IP65 Protection Class prevents damage from a wide range of contaminants, including dust, mineral and synthetic oil, water, and other non-corrosive materials.

      Keep energy and operational costs low with only 4 VA of power consumption used during the draining process.

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