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Vokes Air Filtration


Clean air. We can’t see it, smell it, taste it or feel it, yet it is a vital part of our everyday lives

Ensuring the efficient generation of energy; protecting valuable equipment and artefacts; making indoor environments more comfortable; even preserving life itself. Without the ability to create clean air, our world would be a very different place.

Our air filters are designed and produced with the sole aim of providing clean air in the most efficient way, at the most cost effective price, and with minimal impact on the World around us.

We recognise that our customers are the ultimate judge of the value of our operations.

Because of this, MFE are committed to being a world-class supplier who is incessantly striving for perfection; perfect quality; perfect delivery; perfect performance; and perfect customer interactions. Thats why we take great care in choosing where we purchase our HVAC filtration products.

With a history in air filtration stretching back to 1927, Vokes Air's portfolio of products has been finely-tuned to create the optimum solution for all types of application. This is thanks to decades of working hand-in-hand with their customers, garnering invaluable knowledge and experience along the way.

vokes pp panel soniq

At Vokes Air, their entire business is about creating clean air.

Vokes air filtration solutions are utilised in numerous applications across the globe to protect people, processes, equipment and the environment. From industries as diverse as facilities management to biological research, Vokes air filters are at the forefront of innovative design and at the pinnacle of technical quality.

As a company, we are committed to providing air filtration solutions that lead us towards a better world.

At their heart, air filters are simple devices, but combined with the knowledge garnered from more than 80 years experience in filtration, they can provide so much more to make our way of life easier, happier and safer.

At Mfe we don’t just sell air filters. Our portfolio is specifically designed to provide optimised solutions to our customers irrespective of which application they require or what environment they operate within. A consultative approach coupled with our expertise and experience allow us to develop holistic air filtration solutions tailored to our customers’ exact requirements

 TI-APM Macropac  Macrofalt  Pleated Panels 


Air filter and water coalescer for rotating machinery intakes



High capacity pleated panel filter for HVAC coarse and fine dust applications



Pleated panel filter for coarse and fine dust applications


Pleated Panel Filters

High standards of protection for HVAC systems

macrogen GT-duo  Glass Panles  Revo II  Soniq II

Macrogen GT-Duo

Particle Filtration and Water Coalescer in One Stage for Gas Turbine Air Intakes


Glass Panel Filters

Coarse Dust Filters for HVAC Applications


Revo II

The Next Stage in the Air Filter Revolution

SoniQ II

Ultrasonically-sealed, antimicrobial bag filter

 fibatex  novatex  Micratex V  Micratex FP-P-HT


Glass Fibre Bag Filters



Progressively structured synthetic bag filters


Micratex V

Rechargeable filter system


Micratex FP-P-HT

High temperature fine dust filter

 Micratex FP-P  Compatex TMP  Compatex TMPC  Compatex FP

Micratex FP-P

Fine Dust Air Filter


Compatex TMP

Industry-leading combustion air intake filters


Compatex TMPC

The outstanding choice for combustion air intakes


Compatex FP

The Superior Solution

 Compatex TMPE  Hepatex J Series  Hepatex PL  Hepatex PB

Compatex TMPE

EPA protection for gas turbines

Hepatex J Series

High efficiency cylindrical HEPA filters and fine dust filter


Hepatex PL

The compact EPA/HEPA filter solution for highly pure air


Hepatex PB

EPA and HEPA filters for the separation of fine suspended particles in clean

 Hepatex DP  Hepatex N  Hepatex CR  ScandSorb Eco C

Hepatex DP

High performance deep-pleat EPA & HEPA filter


Hepatex N

The Space Saving EPA, HEPA and ULPA filter


Hepatex CR

The EPA, HEPA and ULPA Filter Quality Standard

ScandSorb Eco C

Adsorption filter for the removal of gas substances

 ScandSorb DP  ScandSorb C  AFP-AZ Comfort  AFP-AZ Duo

ScandSorb DP

Deep Bed Gas Filter


ScandSorb C

Refillable cartridge carbon filter system


AFP-AZ Comfort

Rigid, compact filter for odour removal from indoor air



Combined particle and odour filtration in one stage

compact hepa

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