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SEP 1250S condensate separator

Max capacity (cfm/m³min) 1250/35.4
Designed oil carry-over: At installation, better than 5ppm - At end of life better than 20 ppm
Inlet connections: 4 x R 1/2” expandable to 8
Outlet hose connection dia: 3/4”
Standard appearance: SILEXA™ branded, ‘compressed-air blue’, PE material re-cyclable housing
Test kit included: Yes

Height/length/width (mm) 989 / 485 / 495
Shipping weight S/D (Kg) appx 20

SEPURA ST oil/water separator specifications assume well maintained compressor plant and reasonable operating conditions. Performance on mineral or
mineral-based lubricants should be as above, irrespective of compressor type, condensate drain technology or climate, provided the condensate produced is
not a stable emulsion.

Where stable or difficult emulsions are encountered, choose the SEPURA ‘D’ separator with its special digester service kits designed for the task.
Polyalkylene glycol (PAG) coolants/lubricants present a different challenge as they are based on water-soluble components. Free (non-dissolved)
components will be removed by SEPURA ST or D separators leaving a ‘clear’ outlet fluid, but we advise that the separator should be down-rated to 50%
of normal capacity to allow more time for adsorption to take place.

IMPORTANT NOTE: SEPURA uses its proprietory filter medium SILEXA™ in genuine SSK service kits. Ordinary carbon bags would reduce the separators’
capacity by at least 20% and their service life by 50%. Our digester kits are carbon-based but specially treated to handle emulsified condensate. Untreated
carbon will inevitably fail in such applications.

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