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SEP 7000 ST 7000cfm

Dimensions only 1000mm x 1100mm x 1000mm

Compressor capacity up to 7000cfm (200m3/min)

Available exclusively from SEPURA, and probably the world’s largest capacity condensate cleaner, SEPURA 7000 is uncompromising and reliable in the fight against pollution and the battle for legislative compliance.

• Unique and patented environmentally clean re-cycled ‘filter’ medium
• No moving parts
• No power consumption
• No maintenance required until service exchange is due
• Up to 2 years between services at capacities of 7000 cfm / 200 m3/min

General description
This large cleaner is designed to remove oil from compressed air condensate down to levels that are sufficiently low that discharge of treated condensate to the foul sewer is allowed.

Condensate discharged from the compressed air system (together with any compressed air also released) is fed into the substantial pressure relief chamber. Here the energy of discharge is removed, allowing calm entry of the condensate into the filter chamber.

The chamber is built from a standard and inexpensive IBC (intermediate bulk container) with a total volume of approx 1000 litres. 80% of this volume is filled with SEPURA STERLING, a patented oil adsorbing material with extremely high oil capacity and the capability to clean condensate down to <5 mg/ml (5ppm) oil content. The filter bed is submerged in condensate during operation.

A drainage channel collects cleaned condensate at the base of the filter bed, feeding it out through simple push-fit pipe-work, where the outlet position determines the height of water within the filter chamber. A vertical extension pipe ensures siphoning does not occur in the discharge pipe.

A ‘tee’ piece and tap provide an outlet condition monitoring point.

At the end of its service life, the IBC complete with oil residues is taken away for disposal at a registered site. The pressure relief chamber and discharge pipe-work are retained for connection to a new container with clean STERLING

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