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The MANN-FILTER wrench set in a handy case

Consists of 9 Wrenches
Packed in a handy and robust green case

6 Aluminium
3 fibre-reinforced polyamide
Can be used on

The wrenches can be purchased individually, as a set in a cardboard box or in a foam-lined plastic case. The set comprises nine different MANN-FILTER wrenches – clearly arranged and snugly packed in made-to-measure inserts. The 2.7 kilogram, lightweight and handy green case contains robust and sturdy, high-quality tools. Six of the nine wrenches are made from die cast aluminium, three from fibre-reinforced polyamide. In addition to spin-on oil filters, they can be used for removing many fuel filters. The same applies to oil filter module housing lids, wherever removal requires a wrench.


LS6 for filters with diameter 66 mm and 6 grooves, inner diameter 67,3 mm, for W 66 und W 68 
LS6/1 for 14-faced can für W 67/1 und W610/1 + W 610/3 + W 6011 + W 6014
LS6/2 for 14-faced can für W 67 
LS7 for 14 flats, wrench size 74,2 mm (= filter cup diameter 76 mm) 
LS7/2 for filters with diameter 76 mm and 6 grooves, inner diameter 77 mm
LS7/3 for 15 flats, wrench size 74,9 mm (= filter cup diameter 76 m) 
LS8 for filters with diameter 86 mm and 6 grooves, inner diameter 87 mm 
LS9 for filters with 93 mm corrugated cups, inner diameter 93,6 mm 
LS11 for 15 flats, wrench size 105,9 mm (= filter cup diameter 108 mm)


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