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SEP60ST Separator

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  SEP 60 ST

Low Capacity, Single Use Condensate Cleaners

Sepura condensate cleaner

Single-use, quick-fit condensate cleaner for compressed air systems up to 60cfm (1.7 m³/min)*


adobe logoOil/Water Separator Up to 60cfm (1.7m3/min)


Outperforms separators twice its size.

Our proprietary SILEXA™ filter medium gives SEP 60 ST the capacity to out- perform separators twice its size. And it’s pure simplicity to install and replace. Just fix the permanent back plate to a wall or compressor cabinet, insert two push-in quick fittings and it starts to protect you - and the environment.

Oily water in; clean water out. Discharge straight to the sewer with levels as low as 5ppm.

At the end of its service life, simply remove the push fittings, attach the clip-on lid and plug (provided with the replacement unit) and slide it off the wall plate. Captured oil Is sealed inside the separator, which is now ready for transport and disposal.

Sepura Performance

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sepura component parts

  1. Inlet
  2. De-Pressurising void and bulk oil removal shred
  3. SILEXA™ final filter medium.
  4. Outlet port.
  5. Anti-syphon vent
  6. Slot to fit wall bracket (supplied with unit).
  7. Handy lid to cover inlet when disposing of used unit comes as part of kit.

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Throughout thorough trials this patented media has been shown to be lighter, 20% more absorbent per weight and cleaner compared to other OEM products

why choose sepura sep60st

  • Compressor capacity up to 60cfm (1.7 m³/min) based on 80% duty.
  • Service life - 4000 operating hours at 60cfm or 8000 hours at 30cfm (replace after a maximum of 2 years ).***
  • Service period matched to normal compressor routine.
  • Dimensions only 145mm x 145mm x 220mm.
  • Wall or cabinet mounting (permanent 'quick-fit' plate provided).
  • Push-in ‘quick’ connectors for speed and ease.
  • Quickest and cleanest possible servicing routine.
  • Clip-on cap and blanking plug seal the cleaner for transit.
  • ABS plastic and filter material are re-cyclable.
  • Lightweight and compact for international bulk shipping.

* SEP60ST is rated for use on compressor systems using mineral or mineral-based lubricants. Contact SEPURA regarding PAG lubricants, but in any case de-rate by at least 50%
** It is the user’s responsibility to verify discharge allowances in his/her region
*** Assumes compressor oil carry-over is no more than 5mg/m3

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